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Our Flame Lit candles have a secret hidden inside - as the candle burns, a unique piece of vintage jewellery is discovered! 💍✨

Within a couple of hours of lighting your candle, you’ll find your gift hidden inside. Some pieces are valuable, some sterling silver, some costume - all are stunning.

This drop comes in 4 fragrances:

English Garden
White Sandalwood & Cedar
Caramelised Vanilla

Flame Lit Gift

SKU: 0012
  • Each Flame Lit candle contains 300 grams of natural Cocosoy wax and three wicks. Burn time is 45-50 hours. It burns cleaner and has a better scent throw than your average candle!


    Please note: The jewellery hidden inside each candle is unique - it will not necessarily be the same colour or design as pictured. It’s a lucky dip - with an element of surprise in every candle!

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